Supporting the local community and economy

As an active member of the Luba community, Luba Freeport has, since the very earliest days of the project, assisted local authorities in the development and day to day operation of Luba town and the surrounding areas.

We regularly assist the local hospital by supplying medicines and mosquito nets, providing the assistance of our doctor with consultations or medical procedures and by utilising our ambulance for emergency medical evacuations to Malabo.

The Luba Freeport’s Fire response team and fire engine are available 24/7 to respond to fires in the Luba area.

Continuing support is given to the local nursery school. As well as supplying a suitable building, LFL sponsors three teachers in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. The school is open daily from Monday to Friday and attendance has risen from 22 in 2003 to its current figure of 224.

Assisting local government in the construction of a new water house and canal system which benefits housing in Luba.

At Luba Freeport, where practicable, goods and services are sourced from local suppliers. Indeed, our fruit and vegetables are supplied by a former employee who has become a successful entrepreneur.