Company History

July 1999
The Government grants a 25 year Concession Agreement and 50 hectares of land for the development of a Freeport and Oil Service Centre.

Jan 2000
Construction commences on an area of reclaimed land for the new quayside facility.

Jan 2001
Shore based operation commenced.

Jan 2002
Contract signed with Triton/Amerada Hess for the construction and operation of dedicated facilities.

Apr 2002
Agreement signed with state oil company ‘GEPetrol’ to assume the Government interest in LFL.

Jul 2002
LFL starts construction of the Triton/Amerada Hess dedicated shore base facility the requirements for which were:
50,000m² secure laydown area;
1,250m² warehouse and offices; and
110m quay with dedicated berthing for Triton.

Mar 2003
Completion of Phase 1 giving Triton Hess a fully operational, dedicated walk on logistics facility including 110 metres of new quay.

April 2003
Luba Freeport is officially inaugurated by H.E. The President of Equatorial Guinea.

June 2003
The new Concession signed between the Government, GEPetrol and Luba Freeport Ltd confirming: (i) the grant of 50 hectares of land for 25 years from date of signing; (ii) the status of a tax free zone in respect of customs duties on all imported items; and (iii) the strong support of the Government.

Feb 2004
Bulking facility for MI Fluids, within a 6,500m² site with warehouse, allowing the supply of brine, barite, bentonite, oil based mud and chemicals across the quay completed and operational.

Mar 2004
A 15,000m² fenced transit area was established, consisting of a 1,000m² covered transit shed, a 800m² chemical bund and 13,200m² of multi-user open storage. This transit area is attracting a great deal of interest as a regional hub for West Africa and is currently being used by BJ Services, Single Buoy Moorings, Baker Atlas, Schlumberger, Techniques International, Safmarine, Maersk, AMT/Getma and Transportation & Logistics Consulting.

Dec 2004
Schlumberger bulking facility – 6,500m² site with large 1,500m² warehouse. This facility allows the supply of drilling cement across the quay.

May 2005
LOTEG, a joint venture between GEPetrol and Tacoma of Switzerland for the supply of petroleum products at Luba, completes two 10,000m³ diesel and fuel storage tanks, a 1,500m³ base oil storage tank and a 1,200m³ water storage tank for fire invention at Luba. The first phase of the tank farm complete with bunded wall and pipeline to the quayside was also completed and commissioned in 2005.

Nov 2005
Luba Freeport Ltd negotiated and secured valuable tax concessions from the EG Government. Effectively this means that Luba Freeport Ltd and its holding company will be exempt from all forms of taxation arising from its EG operations i.e. no corporation tax, dividend tax, sales tax or VAT. These concessions will extend also to clients whose operations are at Luba. This is a powerful incentive for companies to move to Luba and become part of a fast developing community.

Jan 2006
Construction of a 5,000m² facility for Nalco was completed and fully operational. This includes a 1,000m² chemical bund for storage and decanting of hazardous production chemicals and 4,000m² of open storage and office facilities.

May 2006
Lonrho announces that it has acquired 63% of the issued share capital of Luba Freeport Limited located in Equatorial Guinea for a cash consideration of US$2 million. The balance of the share capital will be held by the EG Government. As part of the acquisition, Lonrho has also agreed to acquire secured debt of approximately US$11.3 million from Amerada Hess, a major client of Luba Freeport. Lonrho will assume control of the Luba Freeport Board.

Sept 2006
Handing over of facilities under a long term contract with US oil services giant, Baker Hughes to provide a 10,000m² facility incorporating warehouse, workshop, offices, chemical bund and laydown area.

Oct 2007
A 10 year contract was signed with MEGI(Exxon Mobil) and construction of a 60,000m² facility, including warehousing, marine hose storage shed, offices and open storage, was completed and handed over to MEGI in October 2007.

Nov 2007

A new Emergency Response Clinic completed and fully operational. The clinic is manned by qualified doctor & paramedic 24/7 and consists of overnight ward, laboratory, pharmacy, x-ray facility and consultation rooms. Helicopter landing pad and ambulance services also available in case of emergency medevac.

Jan 2008
The transfer of MEGI’s materials from Malabo was completed in January 2008 and the facility was officially inaugrated by H.E. Minister of Mines and Energy in February of 2008.

Sept 2008
One of the world’s leading marine engineers, E. Pihl & Søn A.S. of Denmark, completed an additional 70 metres of quay at Luba. By September 2008, two further quays will be completed giving Luba Freeport in excess of 300 metres of quayside with a natural LAT draft of 10 metres.

Feb 2009
An extension of 5,000m2 storage facility with chemical bund was completed for Nalco in February 2009.

Aug 2009
Expansion of open storage area for Baker Hughes was completed by end August 2009.

Oct 2009
Expansion of warehouse, office and bulking facility for MI Fluids were completed and fully operational in October 2009.

Oct 2009
A 5 year contract was signed with Noble Energy Inc. and construction of a 15,000m² facility, including warehousing, offices and open storage of 14,000 m², was completed and handed over to Noble Energy Inc. in October 2009.

Dec 2009
Marine engineers, E. Pihl & Søn A.S. of Denmark, completed an additional 95 metres of quay at Luba giving Luba Freeport in excess of 300 metres of quayside with a natural LAT draft of 10 metres.

June 2010
New perimeter fencing and entrance completed. Scanner shed constructed and container inspection area. Offices for EG Authorities at the new entry point constructed. V.SAT Communication system installed.

Dec 2010
Leading supplier of tubes and related services for the world’s energy industry , Tenaris have taken an initial 10,000 m² of open storage, a covered pipe screen, wash bay and offices with an option to expand up to 50.000 m² as their business develops.

Jan 2011
Dickerman Overseas, leading supplier of compressors to the oil industry has set up a support base and workshop for the maintenance of the compressors which they currently supply to the oil industry majors throughout the Gulf of Guinea.

Sept 2011
Champion Technologies has been awarded the contract with Noble Energy for the supply of production chemicals. Champion are one of the world’s largest specialty chemical companies to the oil and gas sector. From the reservoir to the refinery, their chemical solutions touch almost every part of the upstream, midstream, downstream oil and gas value chain. Champion have signed a 5 year contract for a facility which includes 2,400m² open storage and a 400m² covered concrete chemical bund.

Feb 2012

Additional quayside offices built to accommodate ship’s agents. Agencies at Luba now include TLC, MacGuinea, SDV Logistics, AMT, Kunhe Nagel, Deltamar, UAL Agency & Besora.

Dec 2012

Additional offices built for Customs, Immigrations & Security. These services are supplied by the EG Government as part of its participation in the project and are available 24/7 and 365 days per year.

March 2013

Additional warehousing, chemical storage area and offices completed for Noble Energy.

December 2013

New facility under construction for TLC, comprising open storage area, API specification pipe yard, office block, warehouse and transit area. Completion estimated for May 2014.

Feb 2014

Additional 35,000m² open storage area completed and operational for Noble Energy. Noble is currently transferring all materials from its old base in Malabo to Luba.